Winter-Time Hot Tub Tips

We asked the great people in our service department to come up with some things that hot tub owner’s should be on the look-out for during the chilly winter months. Here is what they said:
Winter weather, for the majority of  hot tub owners, is the most enjoyable time of year to use a hot tub.  It is also the time of year that is tempting to overlook weekly hot tub maintenance.
  • Your filter maintenance and water balancing are critical for the operation of your hot tub and continue to be done, despite the frigid weather!
  • If you should experience any problems with the operation of your hot tub during the upcoming frigid temperatures our service department will be able to assist you with tips on protecting  your hot from freeze damage until we can have one of our factory trained technicians out to your home.
  • When temperatures are below freezing it is important to check your tub daily to make sure it is operational and keeping the water heating to the correct temperature.  We do not recommend lowering the temperature in between uses, rather it is best to leave it set at one temperature which is whatever you are comfortable with.
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