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The Hot Tub Filter test

Do you know that 8 out of 10 service calls we get and MANY of the calls service techs make to hot tub owner’s homes are due to dirty spa filters? A dirty hot tub filter can cause your spa to stop working properly. A pump can fail or work intermittently, the tub might top heating and so much more!

It’s important to make sure you’re taking care of your filters according to the manufacturer’s instructions. For some tips specific to Hot Spring, Caldera & Sundance Spas, see the posts we’ve written about hot tub filters.

If you call a service department for a tech to come to your home and your service issue sounds like it could be filter-related, someone might ask you to do a The Hot Tub Filter Test. This is a test you can do with your hot tub filters so that we can determine whether or not the filter is the cause for your problem!

The Hot Tub Filter Test

  1. Turn off your circuit breaker as you would anytime you remove your filter(s)
  2. VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure there is NO debris, NO cute little ducks, NO cans of beer, NOTHING floating in your hot tub!
  3. Remove your filter(s)
  4. Wait 15 minutes
  5. Turn on your circuit breaker
  6. Run one of your jet pumps for a minute or two
  7. Turn off your breaker, re-insert your filters and turn the breaker back on

If your hot tub performed normally while the filter was removed, your service issue is due to dirty filters!

Contact our Hot Tub Service Department for help with your hot tub.

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