All in the Family: The Sines

Last week we mentioned that when we say Spring Dance Hot Tubs is a “family-owned” business we mean we have a lot of family members working here. We introduced you to the Bailey’s last week– this week we’re going to introduce you to the Sine Family:

(from L to R) Lydia, Rebekah, Dan, Abby, Rachael)

Dan Sine is our owner & president & he started Spring Dance Hot Tubs in 1998. One time he was asked by his daughter (we’ll get to her later) why he doesn’t spend more time in his office & he told her his favorite thing about owning Spring Dance is interacting with customers- he can’t do that from behind his closed door!

In 1999, a year after Spring Dance opened, Dan’s oldest daughter Rebekah (Sine) Decker was convinced that working for dad at his hot tub store was better than the grocery store where she was working at the time, so she joined the family biz! (Okay, I’m going to stop talking in 3rd person now because this is getting weird, but that person is me.) And somehow, 12 years later I’m still here. There were some breaks- when I went to college- but I was back every summer, and then went full-time in 2005. I’ve worked retail, coordinated the service department and since 2006 have been the marketing manager here at Spring Dance!

Dan’s second daughter, Abby (Sine) MacNeill, followed in her big sister’s footsteps & worked retail for Spring Dance, mostly in our Exton showroom, throughout high school &college. Now she teaches Violin & runs a farm & CSA with her husband & friends.

Rachael Sine started working in our Jamison showroom at Spring Dance in 2004 & she worked with us until she graduated from high school. Actually she graduated early and she worked full-time in our retail department for about 6 months before heading off to college! Rachael just got back from a long-term trip to Bolivia & is currently looking for a full-time job (which means she’s waitressing)

And not to be outdone by her oldest sisters, Lydia Sine, worked the last 2 years in the retail department at Spring Dance, as well, splitting the time with Sara Bailey of the Bailey family fame! Lydia has NO plans to return to Spring Dance after she finishes college (She starts at U. of Pittsburgh in two weeks *sniff*) but I tell her that’s what I always said too….!

This post is part of our 13th anniversary celebration where we talk about whatever we want, all month long!

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