Complete Spa Inspection

Would you like to have piece of mind that your spa is running at its full potential?

If it’s been awhile since you’ve had your spa serviced or you are nearing the end of your manufacturer’s warranty period, we recommended a Complete Spa Inspection.

At Spring Dance Hot Tubs, we offer a Complete Spa Inspection for just $149.00*. The hot tub inspection features a 10 point check on all of the components of your hot tub.

Spa Inspection Includes:

  1. Ozone maintenance
  2. Heater test
  3. Circ pump inspection
  4. Valve inspection
  5. Leak inspection
  6. Jet nozzle inspection
  7. Ground fault leak test
  8. Cover inspection
  9. Shell and siding inspection
  10. Filter inspection

We offer a 60 day guarantee for this service. Contact our Hot Tub Service Center at (215) 491-7446 Ext. 111 to schedule your Complete Spa Inspection. You can also place a hot tub service repair request online using our Spa Service Request Form

*Price as of 7/20/2012

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