5 Hot Tub Cleaning Practices Every Hot Tub Owner Should Know

5 Hot Tub Cleaning Practices Every Hot Tub Owner Should Know

Most hot tub users do not want to lie in a filthy tub. Draining and refilling the water is not enough to maintain a clean interior. It takes some time, money, and effort to maintain the cleanliness of your spa. At Spring Dance Hot Tubs, here are 5 cleaning practices that we recommend every hot tub owner to do.

Devote the Right Amount of Work and Time

The size of the tub determines the amount of time, money, and effort needed to clean it. The frequency at which you use the tub is another factor. It’s recommended that you clean it once a month or every few months. The more times you use the tub, the more often you need it cleaned.

Use Spa Cleaners and Chemicals

Any type of household cleaner and chemical can be used to clean a spa, including soap and water. Some cleaners are more effective than others, like chlorine, or bromine, especially when you are cleaning hardened water lines. There are chemical products that are designed to increase or decrease the water’s pH level or increase the level of calcium hardness to prevent corrosion.

Know What Your Hot Tub Needs

Every hot tub is made of different materials and has different features. Whether your tub contains glass or metal, the types of cleaning chemicals you need depend on the type of material. Also, clean hard-to-reach parts, like corners of the tub, that require a little extra effort to clean.

Maintain a Balanced Water Chemistry

Hot Tub owners know the importance of having a well-balanced water chemistry. You have to know the water’s pH and alkalinity levels and use chemicals to make adjustments. The recommended pH level varies from 7.4 to 7.6. All kinds of problems like scaling occur when the proper balance is not maintained.

Clean the Filters

A hot tub filter ensures that the water is clean and safe to use whenever you turn on the machine. Every time you clean the tub, remove the filter and have it soaked, rinsed, and sprayed regularly. Replace the filter every one to two years.

Maintaining your hot tub regularly is necessary and not an option. In addition, you cannot resort to cleaning it only once a year. Films of bacteria, mold, or mildew can grow on any tub surface. Contact our professionals at Spring Dance Hot Tubs to learn about the maintenance services that we can offer you. We offer premium services from our trusted hot tubs and spas Delaware County, PA providers.

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  1. you recommend cleaning the interior of the hot tub once a month or every few months. So what you are saying is it needs to be drained that often ?

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