Trade in Your Old Hot Tub

Your old Hot Tub has Value towards the purchase of a new spa

Trade IN your old hot tub and Trade UP to a new hot tub experience! There are so many reasons why trading in your old hot tub is worth it. Check out our FAQs to learn more about Trading In. 


With our exclusive Salt Water Sanitizing System, keeping your water clear has never been easier! Available for Hot Spring and Caldera Spas, hot tub care is now virtually maintenance free! 



With Wireless Entertainment features such as Wireless TVs & options to stream media directly to your hot tub speakers,  you’ll have everything you need to relax with your favorite music or podcast.


With exclusive jets and hot tub features, you will have a unique soaking experience that caters to your specific relaxation or hydrotherapeutic needs every time you get into your spa!

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FREquently asked questions

The value of your old spa depends on a few factors like:

-The brand of the hot tub
-The age of the spa
-The condition of the hot tub

If you purchased your original hot tub through us, we’ll have a good idea of what your hot tub will be worth based on your equipment service history! If you didn’t purchase it through us, that’s okay! We might just need to take a look at the hot tub before we quote you a price.

Find out the value of your old spa here.

Not usually. For brands we don’t sell, it is too hard for us to get service parts to make repairs on brands we don’t carry. For Brands we do sell, we may make an exception depending on the condition of our spa. Get in touch with us about your situation here.


Depending on the condition of your old spa, we’re often able to make repairs, clean it up and re-sell the hot tub as a pre-owned spa. If the hot tub is too difficult to repair, we recycle the parts we are able to and dispose of the rest.

No, but we have customers who have had luck selling their old spa on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace.


Tell us a little bit about your old hot tub, and if you know what new spa you might be interested in.

You’ll hear from one of our sales reps within 24 hours with a value of your old spa towards the purchase of a new spa!