How often should I change my hot tub filter?

Hot Spring Filter

The life expectancy of a  hot tub filter depends on the type of water care system you are using, how well you care for the filter(s), as well as the type of filter(s) you have. If you do not have a Hot Spring, Caldera or Sundance spa, it’s best to refer to your owner’s manual for proper filter care, but this “General Filter Maintenance” sheet below should have some good tips for you!

Proper filter care is very important. If filters are not cared for properly or disposed in the appropriate amount of time, not only will water clarity be difficult to maintain, but major mechanical failures can occur.

During the 10 years+ we have been in business, we have had over 20 different filters for our hot tub models! That’s a lot of filters to keep track of, not to mention care for! Fortunately, the filters fall into 3 main categories:

  • Standard paper filters*
  • MicroClean II filters (For 880 series Sundance spas 2005+)
  • Tri-X filters (optional for All Hot Spring models and standard on the larger models 2006+)

Standard paper filters have a life expectancy of 1 ½ – 2 years if cared for properly.

  • Baqua Spa: For tubs on the BaquaSpa chemical system, follow the 2×2 system. Every TWO weeks,remove your filter(s) and rinse with water. Every TWO months, soak your filter(s) overnight in the BaquaSpa filter cleaning solution.
  • Nature II/Chlorine: For tubs on the nature II/chlorine (or bromine) system, the filters should be soaked in Brilliance for spas filter cleaner every time you drain your spa.

*Please note that the small white micro clean filter for older Sundance spas and current 780 series Sundance spas MUST be replaced every 3-4 months! This cannot be cleaned!


Micro-Clean II

Sundance MicroClean II filters have a life expectancy of anywhere from 6-9 months depending on hot tub use. Cleaning this product in a filter cleaning solution will cause it to disintegrate.

  • Baqua Spa: For tubs on the BaquaSpa chemical system, spa performance will be greatly increased by remove the filter and rinsing with a hose on a monthly basis
  • Nature II/Chlorine: For tubs on the nature II/chlorine (or bromine) system, the filter should not need to be rinsed.

Tri-X filters have a life expectancy of up to 5 years.

  • Baqua Spa: Soak your filters in “BaquaSpa filter cleaner” over night at least every 3 months. Do not put your filters in the dishwasher
  • Nature II/Chlorine: Because the filters can become clogged with body oils, they should be chemically cleaned every 3-4 months using “Brilliance Filter Cleaner
  • Dishwasher cleaning: As long as you’re not using BaquaSpa, you can put the tri-x filters in the dishwasher, but we do not suggest this as the only method of cleaning them. If you choose to occasionally clean your filters this way, make sure there is no detergent in the water, no rinse agent present and that your dishwasher is not on the dry cycle.

Download handy Filter Care sheets from our website
General Filter Care
MicroClean II Filter Care
Tri-X Filter Care

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