Hot Tub Care Instructions

Do you ever feel confused by your Hot Tub Care instructions? There are water care instructions in your hot tub owner’s manual, under your hot tub filter lid and in packets from the hot tub store where you purchased. And often times each instructional sheet is slightly different. Based on best practices from selling and […]

Silk Balance: Get a bottle for free!

This fall we introduced you to a revolutionary hot tub water care product called Silk Balance! If you are new to our blog or haven’t checked out the product yet, catch up on what this product is all about here: Introducing Silk Balance Silk Balance- Further Intructions Here is what people are saying about Silk […]

Silk Balance: Instructions for Use

We recently introduced Silk Balance through our blog, on our website and via e-mail to our customer base (Are you on our email list? Join our Monthly E-Newsletter today) and it’s been flying off our shelves! Have you tried it? What do you think? Let us know in the comments! We’ve updated our instructions & changed them […]

Silk Balance

Silk Balance is a hot tub water care treatment program specially formulated to: be soft and easy on your skin, be very simple to use and more!