Why We Love Hot Tubs

The Fine people over at With Hot Tubs in the UK created this GREAT infographic on WHY people love hot tubs!
There are great facts here that I DEFINITELY didn’t know!
  • There are (estimated) 25+ million hot tubs out there!
  • On average over 47,000 bottles of champagne are popped in hot tubs annually!
  • MONKEYS have been known to enjoy hot tubs in Japan!

Check out all the great facts below:

Why we love hot tubs


Gracie the dog relaxing in a Hot Spring Jetsetter

dog in hot tub

Here is Gracie the dog enjoying her Hot Spring Jetsetter! Her owner Coleen told us:

[Gracie] loves to float around in the tub! She never touches the water though and falls asleep pretty much right away so even she relaxes in it!

Hot Tubs… relaxation for even member of the family… even the furry ones!

Check out this post on other pictures we’ve collected of Animals in Hot Tubs

Hot Tub Cinema: Would you attend?

A news item recently caught our eye about a unique event company that offers pop-up “Hot Tub Cinema” nights where they bring soft inflatable hot tubs and a movie projector to YOU!

Just when we thought photobooths were the latest craze to hit parties & weddings, now someone has gone above & beyond!

The Hot Tub Cinema is located in the UK and has expanded their offering into places like the Future Shorts Film Festival in London!

We love combining entertainment and hot tubs whether we’re hosting a Hot Tub Party or watching a movie on our Wireless TV Entertainment System from the comfort of our spa!

Now if a Hot Tub Cinema would only open in the United States….! Check out more on the Hot Tub Cinema website

 hot tub cinema

Would you attend a Hot Tub Cinema pop-up event if there was one near you?

[image source]

How much do you know about Hot Tubs: Spa

How much do you know about hot tubs!? Inspired by a magazine article published by our friends at SpaSearch.org, we’re going to share some fun facts WE learned from reading this article!

First, answer the following question:

The answer is: The term is derived from the town of Spa, Belgium

Spa, Belgium is located in a valley in the Ardennes mountain chain. The pictures we found are as beautiful as that sounds:

Popular for its hot springs, Spa has been known as a “watering-place” since as early as the 14th century!

A mineral water producer (aptly named “Spa!”) is headquartered in Spa, and it is home to the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, which hosts the annual Formula One Belgian Grand Prix. So that’s how you’ve heard of it!

Even if you’re not a fan of mineral water, hot springs or biking, Spa, Belgium sounds like a BEAUTIFUL place to visit!

Thanks to Wikipedia for knowing everything about everything!

Hot Tub Suspended from a Bridge (for someone’s enjoyment!)

Some crazy people- I mean dare devils- in Switzerland dangled a makeshift hot tub off a bridge 613 feet in the air and then GOT IN & had a good time!

Kinda beats your last hot tub party, huh?

Check out more details on Gizmodo

Creative “Hot Tubs”

In my travels across the internet, I often come across quite, how should I say it, creative hot tubs.

Take the Hot Tub Car for instance:

Perfect after a long day at the car show!

And there are the guys who made a Back Hoe Hot Tub by filling the back hoe with water & lighting a fire underneath it after a long days work!

Here is a Riverside Hot Tub these guys enjoyed after a day of fishing! 

Here is a Dome Hot Tub found on a website that features even weirder things from the property!

Is that… a Hot tub made from Beer?

Great advertising idea, Heineken!

Here is something I’ve never seen called a Dutch Hot Tub (I wonder if that mountain range comes with it or if it’s extra)

And if you’ve read Hot Tubs 101 before, you know I can’t resist a cat picture, so here is a cat in a cupboard, siting in a bucket:

I think I’ll take a traditional hot tub (but add the mountain range! And maybe a beer!)

Hot Tub Spotted: Or is it a shooting range?

We love to share hot tubs we find posted across the web. Our service coordinator, Cathy, found this one this week:

I wonder if he’s shooting at a bear that was trying to get into the hot tub with him! This gave us a big laugh in the office this week!

Hot-tub safely, you never know who is hunting from their hot tub…..!

Hot Tub Spotted: Hiding a crook!

Or rather a man was spotted IN a hot tub! We read a story about how last Tuesday in Wenatchee, Washington, police spotted a man with an outstanding warrant for his arrest. The crook ran from the police, jumped a few fences & when the police finally apprehending him, they found him hiding in a neighbor’s hot tub

We asked our sales rep, William, to reenact the scene for us:

Such a creative hiding place, no!?

This post is part of our 13th anniversary celebration where we talk about whatever we want, all month long!
Story Source

Hot Tubs and Earthquakes

The “Devastation” from the earthquake

After this week’s surprise earthquake on the East Coast, I got thinking about hot tubs & how they hold up in natural disasters. So I hit my favorite place for quandaries such as these: Google. It turns out after a natural disaster, the hot tub isn’t the first thing that comes to survivor’s minds as something to photograph & post online for our viewing pleasure. Don’t they know we want to see these things!??

I did find a few images & stories

This image is of an outdoor hot tub after the tsumani & earthquake in Japan:

I read this scary story from the Santa Cruz Sentinel:

I was inside the second story hot tub cleaning it when the earthquake hit. From that view point I saw Quail Run Road actually move up and down in a rolling fashion and the telephone poles were whipped back and forth. I could not extricate myself from the tub as the house and the deck that supported it were moving quite violently. It reminded me of the Disneyland Tea Cup Ride.

This comic made me laugh:

And on Yelp I found a picture of one person’s attempt to protect their hot tub from “Earthquakes and zombies”

If an earthquake ever hits the east again & I’m around to experience the “Disney-land Tea Cup Ride-like feeling,” I hope I’m in a hot tub like the zombie-proof one above and am as prepared as the couple in the comic!

Where were you for The BIG East Coast Earthquake of 2011?

 This post is part of our 13th anniversary celebration where we talk about whatever we want, all month long!

Beautiful Hot Tub Installations

The best part about working at Spring Dance Hot Tubs (besides when the popcorn machine comes out during sales events) is that we get to help make our customer’s backyards BEAUTIFUL!

We all know how lush & serene the landscape is in the Delaware Valley (or how cool the view from a hot tub on a rooftop in Philly is!) but have you ever checked out how other people situate their hot tubs in other parts of the world!? Check out some of these cool Hot Spring Spa installations:

Beautiful installation of a Hot Spot TX from Aqualab in Los Cabos, Mexico!

Gorgeous Hot Spring Grandee with Stone Siding from Oasis Hot Tub & Sauna in Nashua, NH

A customer of Oregon Hot Tub took this beautiful photo from the comfort of her Hot Spring Sovereign

Another Spa Stone Grandee hot tub in a backyard that looks so inviting installed by Olympic Hot Tub

So inspiring! Which is your favorite? (I’ll take that glass of wine in the spa in Mexico, please!)