Hot Tub Care Instructions

Do you ever feel confused by your Hot Tub Care instructions? There are water care instructions in your hot tub owner’s manual, under your hot tub filter lid and in packets from the hot tub store where you purchased. And often times each instructional sheet is slightly different.

Based on best practices from selling and using hot tubs for years, we’ve created our own downloadable water care instruction sheets for the following hot tub chemical systems. Click on the links below or select an image to download the sheet!

Ace Salt Water System
BaquaSpa System
Bromine System
Silver Ion System
Spa Frog System
Silk Balance System


ACE Salt Water System Instructions BAQUA-SPA System Instructions BROMINE SYSTEM INSTRUCTIONS


*these hot tub water instructions are recommendations based on our experience with Hot Spring and Caldera spa brands. If you have any specific questions regarding your hot tub brand, consult your owner’s manual. 

Hot Tub User’s Experience: Baqua Spa

It’s one thing for us at Spring Dance Hot Tubs to give you hot tub care advice & a whole other thing when a customer actually using his hot tub day after day shares a tip. This post was left as a comment on a post about BaquaSpa & has some GREAT tips from an actual Baqua Spa user!

“I initially had the common problems with Baqua Spa then began to read the experiences of other users on the Internet. I found I was using way too much Baqua Spa chemistry. I began to use 1/2 the recommended amounts and my water clarified, no scum and most important, no throat irritation.

I recommend before adding any of the Baqua Spa chemistry MAKE SURE YOUR WATER IS BALANCED FOR pH AND HARDNESS. This will make a huge difference in your success with Baqua Spa.

Start out using 1/2 the recommended start up and maintenance doses and keep testing. If your test show the need for more chemistry or you have a problem such as scum or throat irritation then don’t hesitate to use more chemistry. Make sure you test after several hours or overnight before adding more chemistry because it is very easy to end up with more chemistry than you need which will cause you problems.

Too much Waterline Control I have found makes the spa milky. If this happens reduce the amount you use don’t increase it. Add only as much as needed to keep the waterline clean of scum.

Only add Sanitizer (#3) if your tests indicate it is needed. If you use more than needed you will have throat irritation. Baqua Spa Sanitizer does not deteriate like clorine which has to be added nearly after every use.

Have patience and dial in your need for adding Baqua Spa chemistry, believe me it is worth it. Crystal clear water, no scum at all and no throat irriation; you skin will feel clean when you get out and Baqua Spa will not irritate or dry out your skin.

Once I figured this out, I have been extremely happy for over 3 years of use.

Good luck and remember to balance your water when you refill before you add Baqua Spa!”

Do you have any spa care tips that could be used in a feature blog post? Leave the tips in the comments or e-mail us with your tips

Baqua Spa Waterline Control: Getting rid of Sticky Waterline Deposits

If you’re getting a sticky waterline build-up that sticks to the edge of your spa and is tough to remove, this post is for you! Here are the reasons that a sticky waterline deposit can occur when you are using the BaquaSpa product line:

  • You are not using (or not using enough) BaquaSpa Waterline control Step #1
  • Your water is not in balance
  • There is an excess of body oils in your spa (or you haven’t drained your spa in over 3 months)

baqua spa waterline controlI’m still having a problem! If your water is in balance, your hot tub has been drained in the past 3 months and you use step #1 religiously and you still have the sticky waterline problem, try the following:

  • Try a maintenance “mid-week” dose of Waterline Control. If you do your chemicals every Saturday, throw 1/2 of your normal dose in every Wednesday until you see the problem corrected.
  • Clean off the scumline with BaquaSpa Surface cleaner (this product contains hydrochloric acid and definitely does the trick!)

What does Waterline Control (#1) do? Good question! Step #1 reduces the bubbles that burst above the waterline (which can be really irritating to your throat). It coats the sanitzer product (step #3) and the bacteria in the water and won’t allow it to attach to the shell wall. Sanitizer + bacteria= a sticky mess. Step #1 works to prevent that sticky mess from touching your hot tub walls (or waterline!)

Helpful Tip

Be sure to have your JET PUMP on when you’re adding waterline control- not your blower. The air from the blower will have an adverse effect on the waterline control product! (This is a good rule to follow for ALL your chemicals- always the jet pump, never the blower!)

BaquaSpa users sound off: did you try the suggestions above and did they work? Or has something else worked for you in the past? Fill us in and/or ask us more questions!

BaquaSpa 101: Troubleshooting

Over the years we’ve collected the most common problems BaquaSpa users have had.  See if any of these problems sound familiar and take a look at our “fixes”

  • Throat irritation or coughing:
    This is most likely caused by an overdose of sanitizer (step #3).  Remember that you TEST for step #3 weekly but only add it when it’s low.  Many people forget this and add it weekly!  The sanitizer is a very stable product that probably will only need to be added every 3-4 weeks!
    To fix an overdose problem: use the spa and don’t add more- the sanitizer will burn off eventually. Or you can drain the spa.Another cause of irritation could be from soft water (or low calcium hardness) With harder water, there is less iritation because is less “tension” in the water (aka less foam or bubbles to pop and irritate your throat!)
    Try adding twice the amount of waterline control (step #1) to add a shieldagainst irritation. Waterline control coats the surface of the spa and makes thebubbles burst at the surface instead of the air and at your face
  • Cloudy Water:
    The first fix for cloudy water is to make sure your water is in balance. If it is, cloudy water could be caused by a waterline control overdose (Step #1) If you are religious with our chemicals (and that’s a good thing!) step #1 can make your water cloudy.
    Try NOT adding step #1 for 2 weeks and that should fix theproblem!
  • Excessive Foam:
    Foam is caused by foreign oils or soaps being introduced into the water. It comes from the soaps or lotions from your skin or the laundry detergeant from your bathing sui Obviously some of what comes from your skin is unavoidable, but try to avoid getting these foreign oils into your spa.
    To correct excessive foam try adding foam disperser– but watch how much you add. It is possible that after a certain point, foam disperser can just make the problem worse! If the problem does not go away, try draining part or all of the water from your spa.

  • Clean the underside of your cover:
    We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again because it’s so important! BaquaSpa does not bleach out the smell of bacteria trapped in your cover like chlorine does.  Clean the underside with cover cleaner or else you’ll get a really musty odor from the trapped bacteria. Read our blog on Helpful Tips for more information!

  • Low-Usage of the spa:
    We’ve mentioned before that you need to add chemicals weekly, even when you haven’t used the spa, because bacteria can still grow.  If you rarely use your spa, try using 1/2 of the required amount of step #1.  If a scumline appears along the waterline, start using the required amount again!

BaquaSpa 101: Helpful Tips part 2

Continuing in our conversation of helpful BaquaSpa tips… (don’t worry if you feel like you’re experiencing deja vu- we’ve discussed a few of these before. But we think they’re really important!)
  • Make sure to put chemicals in your spa weekly regardless of whether you’ve used it or not. This will help to maintain clarity and kill bacteria. Hot tubs will grow bacteria even if no one has been in it.  However, your water balance shouldn’t change- that is effected by people and the environment!
  • Clean your cover! Covers can get musty and trap bacteria in the underside. BaquaSpa does not bleach out the smell like chlorine/bromine systems do. Therefore, it is very important to treat the underside of your cover with a cover cleaning product!
  • If you have a hot tub that has a blower system (like the 880 series Sundance Spas) make sure the blower isn’t on when you put the baqua chemicals in.  The Sanitizer (step #3) attaches to bacteria and immediately turns it into a thick scum and attaches that scum to the waterline of the spa (which, by the way, is why you need waterline control- Step #1!). The blower doesn’t move the sanitizer-coated bacteria to the edges of the spa and ultimately into the filter.  So turn off your blower bubbles and turn on the jets!
  • After the first week of ownership, hose off your filter REALLY WELL!
  • Remember the 2 by 2 rule: every 2 weeks, hose off the filter. Every 2 months, soak your filter(s) in the BaquaSpa filter cleaning solution.
  • Be exact! BaquaSpa works best when you’re as exact with the measurements as you can be! (Try our measuring cup!)
Okay that’s it- you’re an expert now! GO RELAX AND ENJOY your spa!

BaquaSpa 101: Helpful tips

We started discussing BaquaSpa a few weeks ago and we want to continue our conversation today with some helpful tips for you to follow! Many of these tips are good to follow no matter what chemical system you’re on; however, they are especially important with BaquaSpa
  • Clean your Cover
    Covers can get musty and trap bacteria in the underside.  Chlorine/Bromine systems bleach out the smell of a musty cover, but BaquaSpa does not.  Therefore, on the BaquaSpa system, it is important to treat the underside of your cover with a cover cleaning product (BaquaSpa makes a great one!).  You can also protect your cover from the sun with a vinyl protectant called 303
  • Maintain your Calcium Hardness level at 300ppm
    If you’ve memorized your test strips (and if you have, we suggest getting a hobby!) you know that the ideal range for calcium hardness is 200-400ppm.  According to our expert friends at BaquaSpa, 300ppm is the best range to keep the calcium hardness in your spa. See the beer example down at the bottom of the page!  Remember:  there is only a product to increase the calcium hardness level in your water, there is no chemical out there to decrease the level of calcium.
  • Add Metal Control in your water
    When you first fill up, you should bring a water sample to us, especially if you have well water.  Your test strips aren’t able to show if there are metals in your water, but our testing system can.  If you
    do have metals in your water, add metal control into your spa. You will only need to add metal control once for each refill (unless you add “fill” water to your spa from time-to-time)
Guinness vs. Miller Lite:
We heard a really great beer comparasion about BaquaSpa!
If you’re a beer drinker, you know there is a major difference between a beer like Guinness and a lite beer like Miller Lite.  Guinness foams because of the bubbles in the beer are much smaller than those in a Miller Lite.
BaquaSpa is like a Guinness beer.  It’s bubbles are 50 times smaller than water in a chlorine/bromine spa.  Therefore, BaquaSpa will foam more.  This is why it’s important to keep your calcium hardness at 300ppm (a bit on the harder side).  The hardness in the water helps to eliminate those small foamy bubbles. The “Guinness Beer” quality of the water may also make your water look like skim milk when the jets are on.  The quality of the product produces much smaller bubbles that won’t burst or come to the water surface as quickly.
We hope these tips are helpful!  Now go out, grab a Guinness, and jump in your spa!

BaquaSpa 101: Getting Started

Now THIS is the blog you’ve been waiting for! We’ve carried the BaquaSpa brand since 1998 and more than 1/2 of our customers use the product (if you’re using chlorine/oxidizer or silver ion, you’re welcomed to listen, but this conversation is not for you!)

Here are the BaquaSpa benefits:

-No harsh chemical order
-It’s chlorine & bromine free
-It doesn’t burn your eyes, bleach your hair or dry out your skin
-It’s an easy 1-2-3 application!

Some of you don’t believe me because you’ve had issues with BaquaSpa in the past. That’s why this blog is for YOU! We want this post, and the posts that follow, to clear up any misunderstandings about BaquaSpa and clarify just how easy the product is to use.

Here’s a quick run-down on the product:

  • Always balance your water first (adjust Total Alkalinity first, then pH, then your calcium hardness- this is very important!)
  • Add step #1 and then run your jets through a 15-20 minute cycle to evenly disperse the product into the water
  • Step #2 can be added at the same time as #1 (or you can wait until after the 15-20 minute cycle)
  • Add Step #3 (your water may cloud for a few hours- it will clear up!). The ideal level for step #3 (sanitizer) is 30-50ppm.
  • Wait 15 minutes before getting in!


  • Every week test your water*. Balance your Total Alk, pH and calcium hardness FIRST if needed and then add #1 and #2. If the test strips read low for step #3, add that. Most likely you will only have to add #3 every few weeks. It’s a very stable product!
  • To maintain clarity of the water, you will need to put chemicals in the spa weekly, regardless of whether you used it or not. Hot tubs can grow bacteria even if no one is in it (the bad news about hot water). However, without use, the water balance shouldn’t change!
  • If you’re having trouble with your water clarity- bring us a water sample! It’s hard for us to help you over the phone/on the internet without actually SEEING your water!
  • Drain your spa at least every 3-4 months (You can read another blog entry here about what happens if you don’t!)
  • BaquaSpa works best when you’re as exact as you can be with the measurements. Use the measure cup provided in your sample kit (or buy a new one in our online store). You can guess with measurements when you’re using chlorine but cannot when you use BaquaSpa.

Download the BaquaSpa Guide!

*test strips expire! Check the bottom of your bottle!