Complete Spa Inspection

Would you like to have piece of mind that your spa is running at its full potential?

If it’s been awhile since you’ve had your spa serviced or you are nearing the end of your manufacturer’s warranty period, we recommended a Complete Spa Inspection.

At Spring Dance Hot Tubs, we offer a Complete Spa Inspection for just $149.00*. The hot tub inspection features a 10 point check on all of the components of your hot tub.

Spa Inspection Includes:

  1. Ozone maintenance
  2. Heater test
  3. Circ pump inspection
  4. Valve inspection
  5. Leak inspection
  6. Jet nozzle inspection
  7. Ground fault leak test
  8. Cover inspection
  9. Shell and siding inspection
  10. Filter inspection

We offer a 60 day guarantee for this service. Contact our Hot Tub Service Center at (215) 491-7446 Ext. 111 to schedule your Complete Spa Inspection. You can also place a hot tub service repair request online using our Spa Service Request Form

*Price as of 7/20/2012

ACE Salt Water Sanitizing System Troubleshooting: Flashing Ready Light

If you have a flashing “ready light” on your Hot Spring Highlife or Limelight Collection hot tub and you’re using the ACE Salt water Sanitizing System, your spa is telling you to check the salt level or use level!

Follow these easy steps to keep your hot tub working perfectly so you can get back to relaxing!

Learn more about the ACE Salt Water System

Hot Tub FLO Error code

If you have a Hot Tub FLO Error Code, this usually means there is an issue with water flow in your hot tub.

hot tub flo error code

How to Troubleshoot a Hot Tub FLO Error Code

  1. Shut down the spa at the breaker
  2. Make sure there is no debris in the water that can get sucked into the pump
  3. Take out all of the filter(s) and set them aside
  4. Turn spa back on at the breaker with the filters out

If the flashing FLO error code is no longer there, your filters are clogged. They either need to be chemically cleaned over-night in filter cleaning solution or replaced if they are 1 year old or older.

If the flashing FLO still appears during troubleshooting, you will need to have a service technician take a look at your hot tub. Something mechanical is obstructing the flow of your hot tub water.

If you’re in the Philadelphia, PA region (including New Jersey) our service department specializes in Hot Spring, Caldera & Sundance Spa repairs & we’re authorized to service a few other brands, as well.

Request Hot Tub Service & Repair today!

How to stop Hot Tub Foaming

This is NOT good!

Ever notice you’re sitting in your hot tub and it’s starting to resemble a bubble bath? While kids LOVE hot tub foaming, most people over the age of 10 do not!

Foam is USUALLY caused by the introduction of something “foreign” to the water. That can be many things:

  • Residue from shampoo or hair gel
  • Left-over body products & lotions on your skin
  • Foaming can even be caused from laundry detergent left in your bathing-suit or cotton T-shirt

Your hot tub owner’s manual will probably suggest you get a shower before getting IN your hot tub! No one actually thinks that’s practical so here are a few tips we’ve found that work:

Don’t wash your bathing suit (especially if it’s cotton!)

Or if you do, don’t wash it very often. Rinsing your suit after use should dilute the sanitizer that got on your suit while soaking (Or just hot tub in the nude, whatever works!)

Wear your hair up off your neck

If you have long hair, it’s best to keep it out of the water since your hair is probably full of product that can cause foaming!

Don’t put lotion on your skin right before hot-tubbing

If you put lotion on in the morning & hot-tub at night, most likely the lotion won’t effect the water. If you can, wait until after you use your spa before putting lotions or oil onto your skin!

If you’re pretty careful about what goes onto your body or bathing suit and STILL still have hot tub foaming, check to make sure your pH & calcium hardness are balanced. High pH can cause foaming as well as low calcium hardness! After you balance your water, you might not see a difference in your water for 24-48 hours.


Correcting a foamy hot tub

Products like Hot Tub Foam Disperser DO help eliminate some of the foam, but know that if you add too much, the problem will just worsen & you’re best to just dump your water & start fresh!

Happy Hot-Tubbing!

Did you know: Our Factory-Certified Technicians can take care of your spa for you! Inquire about our Spa Valet services to have your hot tub cared for as often as every week or just one time! Request Hot Tub Valet Service

What to do if your hot tub stops heating


No.. just kidding. You don’t need to panic. In the rare case that your Hot Spring, Caldera or Sundance spa DOES stop heating, know you’re in good hands. First of all those 3 brands have the BEST warranties in the industry, and even if your hot tub is out of warranty, our service department has highly trained service technicians who can take care of your spa quickly and efficiently!

In the cold season, you do need to remember a few things if your hot tub stops heating:

  1. Don’t panic!
  2. Contact our service department if you’re a Spring Dance Hot Tub’s customer OR contact the service center where you purchased your spa if you’re outside of our area.
  3. Do not under any circumstance drain your hot tub! Especially when the temperature drops below freezing, you could be doing MORE damage to your spa if it’s empty and the plumbing lines are still filled with water. And freeze damage is not covered under ANY warranty!

After the jump, read some suggestions for hot tub heater fixes!

Why is my heater not working!?

Without a service technician checking out the heater element of your hot tub, it’s hard to know for sure, but if you’re experiencing intermittent heating issues or your spa is taking a long time to heat, it may just be a simple fix:

If your heater is cycling on and off continuously: You could have a dirty filter! Try cleaning your filter cartridge(s) or try our simple filter test. In rare cases, you could have a low water level. If your spa’s water level looks unusually low, trying filling the spa a bit to see if the heater kicks on continuously.

If your hot tub is taking a long time to heat: You could have a bad thermostat or hi-limit switch in your spa, but it won’t hurt to try the simple filter test here as well. This could also be the result of a dirty filter.

Baqua Spa Waterline Control: Getting rid of Sticky Waterline Deposits

If you’re getting a sticky waterline build-up that sticks to the edge of your spa and is tough to remove, this post is for you! Here are the reasons that a sticky waterline deposit can occur when you are using the BaquaSpa product line:

  • You are not using (or not using enough) BaquaSpa Waterline control Step #1
  • Your water is not in balance
  • There is an excess of body oils in your spa (or you haven’t drained your spa in over 3 months)

baqua spa waterline controlI’m still having a problem! If your water is in balance, your hot tub has been drained in the past 3 months and you use step #1 religiously and you still have the sticky waterline problem, try the following:

  • Try a maintenance “mid-week” dose of Waterline Control. If you do your chemicals every Saturday, throw 1/2 of your normal dose in every Wednesday until you see the problem corrected.
  • Clean off the scumline with BaquaSpa Surface cleaner (this product contains hydrochloric acid and definitely does the trick!)

What does Waterline Control (#1) do? Good question! Step #1 reduces the bubbles that burst above the waterline (which can be really irritating to your throat). It coats the sanitzer product (step #3) and the bacteria in the water and won’t allow it to attach to the shell wall. Sanitizer + bacteria= a sticky mess. Step #1 works to prevent that sticky mess from touching your hot tub walls (or waterline!)

Helpful Tip

Be sure to have your JET PUMP on when you’re adding waterline control- not your blower. The air from the blower will have an adverse effect on the waterline control product! (This is a good rule to follow for ALL your chemicals- always the jet pump, never the blower!)

BaquaSpa users sound off: did you try the suggestions above and did they work? Or has something else worked for you in the past? Fill us in and/or ask us more questions!

BaquaSpa 101: Troubleshooting

Over the years we’ve collected the most common problems BaquaSpa users have had.  See if any of these problems sound familiar and take a look at our “fixes”

  • Throat irritation or coughing:
    This is most likely caused by an overdose of sanitizer (step #3).  Remember that you TEST for step #3 weekly but only add it when it’s low.  Many people forget this and add it weekly!  The sanitizer is a very stable product that probably will only need to be added every 3-4 weeks!
    To fix an overdose problem: use the spa and don’t add more- the sanitizer will burn off eventually. Or you can drain the spa.Another cause of irritation could be from soft water (or low calcium hardness) With harder water, there is less iritation because is less “tension” in the water (aka less foam or bubbles to pop and irritate your throat!)
    Try adding twice the amount of waterline control (step #1) to add a shieldagainst irritation. Waterline control coats the surface of the spa and makes thebubbles burst at the surface instead of the air and at your face
  • Cloudy Water:
    The first fix for cloudy water is to make sure your water is in balance. If it is, cloudy water could be caused by a waterline control overdose (Step #1) If you are religious with our chemicals (and that’s a good thing!) step #1 can make your water cloudy.
    Try NOT adding step #1 for 2 weeks and that should fix theproblem!
  • Excessive Foam:
    Foam is caused by foreign oils or soaps being introduced into the water. It comes from the soaps or lotions from your skin or the laundry detergeant from your bathing sui Obviously some of what comes from your skin is unavoidable, but try to avoid getting these foreign oils into your spa.
    To correct excessive foam try adding foam disperser– but watch how much you add. It is possible that after a certain point, foam disperser can just make the problem worse! If the problem does not go away, try draining part or all of the water from your spa.

  • Clean the underside of your cover:
    We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again because it’s so important! BaquaSpa does not bleach out the smell of bacteria trapped in your cover like chlorine does.  Clean the underside with cover cleaner or else you’ll get a really musty odor from the trapped bacteria. Read our blog on Helpful Tips for more information!

  • Low-Usage of the spa:
    We’ve mentioned before that you need to add chemicals weekly, even when you haven’t used the spa, because bacteria can still grow.  If you rarely use your spa, try using 1/2 of the required amount of step #1.  If a scumline appears along the waterline, start using the required amount again!