Silk Balance: Instructions for Use

We recently introduced Silk Balance through our blog, on our website and via e-mail to our customer base (Are you on our email list? Join our Monthly E-Newsletter today) and it’s been flying off our shelves!

Have you tried it? What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

We’ve updated our instructions & changed them slightly- you can find download Silk Balance Instructions here. (NOTE: These instructions are for hot tubs with circulation pumps only! If your tub does not have a circulation pump or you are unsure if it does, please contact us for instructions!)

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Remember if you are switching to Silk Balance from another water care system, you need to Purge your Hot tub with Clean-Start Purging Agent.

If you are using Silk Balance, how do you like it? Have you noticed a difference in the way the water feels or how your skin feels after soaking?  Leave us comments and questions below!

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  1. http://Sarah%20Kraker says

    I love Silk Balance. We have an 8X15 ft swim spa. The water is always clear but we are not sure we are adding chemicals correctly. We were told to add the chlorine with jets on high for ten minutes, then add 4oz Silk Balance with jets on low. One site I read said jets should be off. Can you please provide me with accurate instructions, I appreciate it.

    Sarah Kraker

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