It’s Fall! Time to clean that Hot Tub!

We think the best part about the chilly season ahead is relaxing in a warm hot tub while the air around you is brisk and cool (although, I’ll admit, I like it more than warm- 102-104 degrees is best for me!) On the other hand, the worst part about the chilly season is cleaning your spa in the cold!

Why not do a thorough hot tub cleaning NOW so that you can enjoy the cold season without worrying about going out into 10 degree weather and scrubbing down your hot tub shell (because let’s face it- you’re not going to do that. So you’ll probably just end up avoiding your hot tub all winter long- NO FUN!)

Last fall we introduced this Fall Hot Tub checklist. We’ve updated it a bit with some new tips:

  • Drain your hot tub water and before you do, run a Spa Purge through the water to get rid of any build up.
  • Clean or replace your filters
  • Clean & scrub down your hot tub shell
  • Clean your hot tub pillows
  • Clean your Spa Cover and condition it with our 303 vinyl protectant product!
  • Check to make sure your all 4 cover locks aren’t brittle or broken. If they are, it might be a good time to replace them! Or take our Cover Check-Up test to see if it’s time for a new cover.

If you know you aren’t going to use your hot tub during the chilly months, you may want to consider winterizing your spa. Having this done professionally by our service department will ensure your spa won’t freeze when the weather dips below 32 degrees.

Download our Hot Tub Housekeeping Instructions document for more detailed Fall cleaning instructions!


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