ACE Salt water sanitation system

We are so excited to announce a revolutionary new product from Hot Spring Spas. The ACE Salt Water Sanitizing System is the spa industry’s only fully-integrated natural spa care system — a system that will save you time, save you money and give you crystal clear, natural water!

Hot Spring‘s exclusive “Diamond Technology” converts regular table salt into powerful (but natural) sanitizers and oxidizers such as Active Oxygen and Natural Chlorine. Natural Chlorine has no odor and does not irritate the skin or eyes, but it is the most effective sanitizer available. Active Oxygen is an oxidizer (similar to Ozone) that helps break down organics and destroy bacteria.

This system makes Hot Spring models virtually chemical free! No more dry, itchy, irritated skin…no more chlorine smell. Just clean, care-free water!

Other benefits:

  • Works through your existing Control Panel (on all 2010+ Hot Spring Models and select 2009 models).
  • Natural Chlorine has no odor!
  • Natural Chlorine does not irritate the skin or eyes (or fade bathing suits)!
  • Softer water feels better!
  • Softer water means less corrosion, prolonging the life of your spa and its equipment.

Cleaner, clearer, natural water…and less work! How great is that!?

Contact us for a quote on a new Hot Spring spa with the ACE Salt water sanitizing system!

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