Preparing your hot tub for a Hurricane

UPDATED 8/26/11 with new tips from our service manager!!

With Hurricane Irene nearing our coast and the potential for wind damage to be severe, here are a few tips to keep your hot tub safe:

  • Lock your cover: Make sure all 4 of your cover locks are securely snapped into place. If any of the locks are broken, contact us about ordering replacement locks.
  • Tighten the Straps: Once the straps are locked, pull up gently on the cover to see if the cover moves much. If it does, adjust the straps so there isn’t as much give (this is especially important for Hot Spring brand tubs!)
  • Remove Debris: Try to remove any branches or lawn chairs or any other debris that might fly up and hit the hot tub in high winds (We realize you can’t do anything about that aging Oak tree that is 10 feet away- so our fingers are crossed that it crashes down in the other direction)
  • Add Wind Straps: If your hot tub is located at the shore where the threat of hurricane is greatest, you should definitely add “wind-straps” (basically a longer set of straps with locks that stretch across your entire hot tub) to your hot tub. This is a great addition to your hot tub even if you’re not near the ocean! Secure Straps for Hot Tubs
  • Do not Drain: This is especially important if you’re at the shore & there is a threat of flooding, but DO NOT DRAIN your hot tub! If the flood waters do reach your hot tub, it will most likely float away if it’s drained.
  • Keep your hot tub electrically connected: If you lose power to your hot tub, just check & make sure it’s functioning correctly once the power is restored. There is no need to disconnect your hot tub during the storm.
Stay safe!

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