Silk Balance

[Update: Silk Balance was reformulated in 2014 to be even BETTER! Now in a Carribbean blue color, there is no need to shake the product before putting it in the water]

We’re so excited to introduce a new, revolutionary product being sold exclusively by Hot Spring dealers: Silk Balance

What is Silk Balance and why are you adding another water care treatment program to confuse me!?

Good question! And hopefully this will help answer it. Straight from their website:

SilkBalance® is a spa water care treatment program specially formulated to:

  • be soft and easy on your skin
  • be very simple to use
  • be a one step process, add one measure
  • provide crystal clear water
  • provide a refreshing scent
  • provide continuous pure water quality
  • be safer for the environment
  • prevent dangerous bacteria build up

Sounds great, right? But don’t all water care treatment options promise to do those things? Yes. But they don’t all do it. Sure, many of them provide clear water- but often times there is a chemical smell that goes along with it. And if you’ve been using BaquaSpa for years, you know that while it smells much better than traditional chemicals, the water is not crystal clear, due to the chemical make-up.

Again from their website:

SilkBalance® for Spas is specially formulated to be soft on your skin and keep water crystal clear and fresh without harmful chemicals.

You now will have more time to enjoy your spa, so do away with all those different chemicals, testing, mixing, adjusting, guessing, measuring and frequent trips to the dealer.

It really is as simple as 4 oz per week plus a little bit of chlorine & oxidizer/shock. That’s it! Download the Silk Balance Instructions here

If you sign up for our Auto-Ship program you’ll save $30.00 per bottle: Check our Silk Balance in our online store

Leave your thoughts, questions & comments for us in the comment section! We’ll be happy to answer any questions!


  1. http://Anonymous says

    Way overpriced for what you get. Owning a spa is expensive enough without paying a premium for chemical balance. I can soften the water using products that are significantly cheaper.

    • http://Spring%20Dance%20Hot%20Tubs says

      If you’re looking for the cheapest water care system, Silk Balance is NOT the one. It is a premium product. But with the extra cost of the product comes many benefits that are not possible with other products- beyond just soft water. We think of Silk Balance as a skin care product- many customers actually see an improvement in their SKIN when they soak in a hot tub using Silk Balance. Just check out a few of the many raving reviews of the product online!

    • http://Guy says

      To answer those who only see price,

      Most people don’t understand that SilkBalance is a formulation that minimizes bacteria’s ability to actually colonize within the plumbing of your spa. Normal watercare methods have no means to fight this aspect of bacterial colonization within a spa. Proprietary ” BDT ” technology makes water slipprier and thinner so bacteria are unable to form the gel-like slim they coat themselves in , which allows it to stick to surfaces like the inside of your spa plumbing, collecting food and infesting the whole spa with the biofilm. Fact BioFilm is 95% immune to regular chlorine levels!
      SilkBalance keeps water more stable over time because of this fact and in the bigger scheme is a real time saver.
      SilkBalance is probably best looked at as actually very similar in cost to regular chemicals when used proportionately to use . Many people use there spa only 2-3 times a week and then would use only 2 bottles a year. This make the cost close to regular old fashioned water care with 7-8 components but saves you the time , frustration and keeps your water fresher more than twice the time.

  2. http://Walter%20Smith says

    When I purchased my 3rd hot tub, I was supplied SilkBalance by my dealer. Never before had I had a problem, but almost immediately I developed an itchy rash on my back and ankles. I have drained and dried the tub and started over, to no avail. If I stay out of the tub for a week, the itching stops (although small red spots never seem to go away). One more soak, and the really troublesome itching returns. My wife is not affected at all. My dermatologist would like to know whar chemical in your prodeuct is causing this.

    • http://Walter%20Smith says

      What do you mean “moderation”?

    • http://Spring%20Dance%20Hot%20Tubs says

      I’m sorry to hear about your skin problems. I haven’t heard from any of our customers with an issue similar to yours, but everyone’s body is different so if your Doctor thinks your body is reacting to something in your hot tub water, you should definitely avoid it until you figure out what you might have a reaction to. I would contact your local dealer & ask for the Material Safety Data Sheet which every company making products such as Silk is required to have legally in the US. This document should provide you with information that you & your Doctor could use to determine what your body might be having a negative reaction to.

      We don’t manufacture Silk Balance– we just sell it to our customers like your local dealer does! Silk has been a great product for our customers suffering from skin conditions such as eczema or those with a reaction to chlorine. But everyone is different, so you need to find something that works for you!

    • http://Vicki%20Fackrell says

      I was relieved to see your site actually addressing a problem with Silk Balance Spa Treatment. My husband is having the same issues as Walter stated above. Similarly the SB doesn’t affect my skin at all, but the husband is having red bumps and itchiness. We are draining our spa and finding other chemicals as my husband has never experienced this reaction and he has no skin conditions like eczema or sensitivity to chlorine. I will be returning my SB to the retailer we purchased it from.

      • http://Rebekah says

        Vicki: I’m sorry to hear your husband is having skin issues. Silk Balance has a very small “rate of sensitivity” (about 1 case in every 3200 bottles sold) and it’s great that they have a return guarantee for those rare cases!

    • http://Jim%20Wise says

      I’m glad to see I’m not the only one having an issue with Silkbalance. I get red bumps on my hands that itch. They take a couple of days to appear and take weeks to heal if I stay out of my hot tub. I have sanitized, drained and refiled my hot tub more than once. When I add the SB, my rash comes right back. My wife and kids are not affected. My spa dealer has tested my water for chemical balance and says everything is within range. I drain my tub in the summer and the rash heals completely. When I flush and fill it up again in the fall, add my SB and shock, the rash comes back. This is my second season using SB and probably my last. I have emailed SB about the problem and they do not respond.

      Also, the dosage for SB on the cap used to add it to your tub does not correspond to the brochure or their web site. The cap and the authorized spa dealer instructs you to use 3oz for a tub of 350 gallons. The brochure and web site say to use 4oz for the same volume of water. I believe I am changing sanitizers!

      • http://Rebekah says


        It sounds like you are having a reaction to something in Silk Balance. Just like with any other chemical you should stop if you’re having an adverse reaction. It’s a shame because it sounds like it might be working for others in your family! I have a contact at Silk Balance & will e-mail him to contact you using your e-mail address you commented with. Perhaps he’ll have some thoughts.

        Hopefully you’ll find something that works better with your skin so you can keep using your hot tub! Thanks for the feedback

  3. http://Mike says

    I purchased my Hot Spot Tub in August. I am also finding that I’m having skin Rashes after using it. According to my directions from SDHT They told me to balance water first on start up then add Silk Balance. Wait an Hr. Then add 2 1/4 TSP of chlorine and then after each use 1 1/2 Tbsp of Oxidizer. The water is clear and there is no slime or slipperiness to the hot tub. Twice now I have come out with rashes on my legs and back. I may try stop Silk Balance and see if that stops my rash. I will update as needed.

    • http://Rebekah says


      Sorry to hear you’re having some issues. Have you been in with a water sample so we can test your water? It is very unusual that the Silk Balance causes rashes– more than likely it’s the chlorine causing the irritation. Have you had issues with chlorine before?

      We offer free water testing at any of our stores, so please take advantage of that!

    • http://Randy says

      Like Mike, I purchased a Hot Spot tub in August and have used Silk Balance. I developed a rash (my wife hasn’t) and was told by my dealer to put in a high dose of chlorine for 3 days to kill any bacteria that may be present. I did and while unable to use the tub, my rash healed. We went to Gulf Shores for a week and used the tub when we got home. After a week in the tub, I am now covered with red spots on my chest and back. It would seem that there is a problem that needs to be dealt with by the manufacturers of the product. I don’t know how they could come up with 1 in 3200 unless they know the problem exists. I wouldn’t care if it was 1 in 1,000,000 if I was that 1!

      • http://Rebekah says

        Randy– most of the time we’ve found that a rash isn’t caused by the Silk but something else in the water– high or low pH or alkalinity. Your skin just may be more sensitive to the water than your wife’s. Did you try contacting Silk Balance for more specific instructions? without testing your water it’s hard to guess what the problem could be!

      • http://Randy says

        Too late! Last week I drained my tub and switched to Baqua Spa. My rash is gone and my water which had been mostly cloudy since the beginning is now crystal clear.

  4. http://Dave%20Graham says

    I have been using Silk Balance for several years and generally am happy with it. I would like to know why the product turns from white to a brown color over time before it is used up in container. Tends to leave a silt in tub. Is there a reason why this is happening?

  5. http://Betsy says

    I purchased a new hot tub last year, along with my first bottle of Silk Balance. Almost immediately I started finding soft white residue on the bottom of the tub. When disturb it floats, almost like small patches of thin paper. No matter what I do, I can’t keep these things from reappearing. Some times the balance is out of whack, even though SB is supposed to keep it balanced. The residue is less when it’s balance, but not eliminated. I’ve been told to change the water. I’ve done that twice now, to no avail. I changed it last week and I had a huge amount to “stuff” in the tub when I went out today to put the SB in. I brought a water sample for checking, they said it’s fine.

    My dealer has no idea what I’m talking about. I’m running low on my SB and am seriously considering not buying another (extremely expensive) bottle. The advertised “ease” of SB is what attracted me to try it, but thus far it’s failing miserably. I’ve owned a hot tub for over ten years and have never seen, let alone been plagued by, this type of substance. Has anyone else experienced this with SB? Any suggestions?

    • http://Rebekah says

      Betsy– this is a new one for me too. I wonder if it’s unrelated to your water chemistry altogether and is something that built up in your pipes (even though your spa was new?) I’m not sure what brand you have but certain brands are filled in the factory where they are made & then “winterized” before shipping. Maybe yours was winterized and something got stuck in the piping. I wouldn’t give up on the Silk Balance yet, since I don’t believe your issues are caused by the Silk. Before you drain your spa next, try using Silk Balance Clean Start which is a spa purging agent. That should clear the lines of your spa & hopefully rid your spa of any debris.

      Be sure to balance your water BEFORE adding Silk Balance– once you add the silk it will lock your balance, even if the spa is out of balance!

    • same problem as betsy, im bathing in a snow globe! tierd of draianing ,filling ,changing filters and i did use your purge b-4 starting silk balance .very disapointed

      • Dale (just to clarify we aren’t the makers of Silk Balance– we just sell it!)

        What type of hot tub do you have? We have found certain hot tubs don’t have the filtration needed for Silk Balance…

  6. I bought a tub this summer, and we have had a hard time keeping the water clear. We use leisure time stuff, but we were adding chlorine every night and clarifiers and every thing all the time. I switch to the Frog system, and now my PH levels keep dropping and I still cant maintain the Bromine levels. I have been reading up on this silk balance product, and the simplicity seems great, however, you advertise just put it in once a week and it is good. However, then on another site you can buy the shocking things as well. How do you know if you just need the liquid or when to shock or if you need other stuff. It appears that this could lead to the same problem I have now of not know what chemicals to use when. I have a 6 person hot tub and we have around 4 people that use it 5-6 nights a week.

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