How to stop Hot Tub Foaming

Ever notice you’re sitting in your hot tub and it’s starting to resemble a bubble bath? While kids LOVE hot tub foaming, most people over the age of 10 do not! Foam is USUALLY caused by the introduction of something “foreign” to the water. That can be many things: Residue from shampoo or hair gel […]

Hot Tub User’s Experience: Baqua Spa

It’s one thing for us at Spring Dance Hot Tubs to give you hot tub care advice & a whole other thing when a customer actually using his hot tub day after day shares a tip. This post was left as a comment on a post about BaquaSpa & has some GREAT tips from an […]

Silk Balance

Silk Balance is a hot tub water care treatment program specially formulated to: be soft and easy on your skin, be very simple to use and more!

BaquaSpa 101: Getting Started

Now THIS is the blog you’ve been waiting for! We’ve carried the BaquaSpa brand since 1998 and more than 1/2 of our customers use the product (if you’re using chlorine/oxidizer or silver ion, you’re welcomed to listen, but this conversation is not for you!) Here are the BaquaSpa benefits: -No harsh chemical order-It’s chlorine & […]

Problem with Cloudy Water? Time to clean your filters!

A few posts back we started discussing water clarity and some of the basic factors that contribute to it. If you missed the first article, click here to read about how often you should drain your water. When is the last time you cleaned your filters? Now this question doesn’t apply to all hot tub […]