New innovation in Hot Tub Insulation: Fibercor

Nothing could be more boring than Hot Tub Insulation, right?


That’s what I thought too.

“Insulation is boring. Let’s talk about the hot lights & the fun rubber ducks & yummy smelly scents and stuff!”

But I got a chance to check out the latest innovation in hot tub insulation called FiberCor, and I learned that not only is this hot tub insulation pretty interesting, but it’s also really important.

The insulation used in a hot tub is vital to the energy efficiency of your hot tub. Traditionally fully-foamed hot tubs use 1/2 lb. urethane foam to pack in the plumbing components of a hot tub, keeping them tight so they can’t rattle & warm so they won’t freeze in the cold temperatures. But FiberCor is a loose wool fiber that provides better energy efficiency while getting into all the corners & crevices inside the hot tub cabinet that the hardened urethane foam cannot reach.

Looks like Clouds too!

Some features I like:

– Reusable, yet easily disposable material
– Made from 25% recycled materials
– Non petroleum-based (no dependency on oil prices!)
– First insulation of its kind!
– It feels like clouds (<– seriously… it was the first thing I thought when I touched it!)

FiberCor can only be found on a Hot Spring or Caldera hot tub!

Find out more about Hot Tubs with FiberCor insulation or Contact us to learn more or get a hot tub quote!

Thanks to our friends at Coastal Spas for grabbing that picture of the FiberCor insulation! 

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