How to Control the Hot Spot Hot Tub lights

The Hot Spot hot tub line by Hot Spring Spas has a great lighting feature with multi-colored lights that brighten the interior of the spa! Choose a solid color, or enjoy the multi-colored lighting feature! Watch the video to learn how to control the Hot Spot Hot Tub Lights. Or read the instructions below! How […]

The benefits of 100% No-bypass Filtration

A great feature of the Hot Spring Spa Highlife collection is the 100% No-Bypass Filtration This means that all of the water passes through the filter before it re-enters the spa. When you are in the hot tub with your family and friends, oils from sun tan lotion, perfume, makeup, hair products and more can build up in the […]

Celebrate Earth Day with our Earth Smart Hot Tubs

On this Earth Day, we’re proud to be able to offer the most environmentally friendly hot tubs from Hot Spring Spas and Caldera Spas! Here are some of our favorite features of our hot tubs minimizing the environmental footprint: The Hot Spring Highlife™ collection offers 100% No-Bypass filtration (the water is filtered 100% of the […]

Trade-In Your Hot Tub for something new!

Do you have an older hot tub that maybe doesn’t work, or is really lacking in the “bells & whistles” department? Did you know your old hot tub has value towards the purchase of a new spa? That’s right, it does! While some things like Wireless TV & music entertainment options for new hot tubs are […]

New innovation in Hot Tub Insulation: Fibercor

Nothing could be more boring than Hot Tub Insulation, right? WRONG! That’s what I thought too. “Insulation is boring. Let’s talk about the hot lights & the fun rubber ducks & yummy smelly scents and stuff!” But I got a chance to check out the latest innovation in hot tub insulation called FiberCor, and I […]

Using your hot tub in the Summer with “summertimer”

If you’re like me, you like to use your hot tub year-round & wouldn’t mind winding down your night (or starting your day) with a soak in your spa. But sitting in 100 degree water on a 100 degree day is NOT my idea of a good time! If you have a Hot Spring* or Caldera** hot […]