Hot Tub Spotted: In a Philadelphia neighborhood

We were just browsing yesterday when we noticed one of our favorite things to come across: A hot tub on a roof in Philadelphia! featured Joseph Bernstein’s Francisville neighborhood home and this is on the roof: Beautiful view of Philadelphia from Joseph’s hot tub!Did you see the hot tub we craned onto a 12th […]

Hot Tub on a roofdeck in Philadelphia

We recently installed a rooftop hot tub in Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia. Rooftop Hot Tub are beautiful additions to any urban space!

Did that really happen!?

What? You don’t believe that we delivered an 19 foot Aquatic Fitness System by a huge crane, over a house and into a customer’s backyard? Well, we did! And the roof didn’t get a hole, the chimney wasn’t knocked down and not a single rose bush was damaged! Amazing isn’t it!? Kudos to the Delivery department. […]