Why We Love Hot Tubs

The Fine people over at With Hot Tubs in the UK created this GREAT infographic on WHY people love hot tubs!
There are great facts here that I DEFINITELY didn’t know!
  • There are (estimated) 25+ million hot tubs out there!
  • On average over 47,000 bottles of champagne are popped in hot tubs annually!
  • MONKEYS have been known to enjoy hot tubs in Japan!

Check out all the great facts below:

Why we love hot tubs


Spring Dance Hot Tubs Receives Retail Excellence Award from Hot Spring® Spas

Hot Tub DealerIn January at the 2013 Hot Spring Dealer Kick-off meeting in Washington, DC we learned we were the recipients of two awards!

We won the 2012 Retail Excellence Award for Superior Consistency and the ACE Salt Water award for excellence in sales.

Mike Dunn, the Executive Vice President of Hot Spring Spas said of Spring Dance,

“Dan Sine and Jeff Bailey, owner[s] of Spring Dance Hot Tubs, earned this distinguished award for their outstanding achievement from among all Hot Spring Retailers in North America.”

The Retail Excellence Award for Superior Consistency  given to a hot tub dealer who has demonstrated exemplary performance across all areas of their business year after year. And we won the ACE Salt Water award because of our commitment to selling the ACE Salt Water System. The ACE Salt Water system has changed the way our customer’s care for their hot tubs & we have hundreds of customers happy with their salt water hot tubs!

We are proud to be able to provide the Delaware Valley and the Philadelphia region with quality hot tubs! So many of our customers long for the relief of hydrotherapy or the inviting comfortable space a hot tub provides for quality time with friends and family. These awards motivate us to continue to provide the best customer experience before and after the sale, and to help even more people discover the many benefits of hot tubbing.

Explore our Hot Spring Spas on our our website. Learn about the ACE Salt Water Hot Tub System.

Check out this Hot Spring Grandee Review from a customer!

One of our customers who purchased a hot tub from our Exton Hot Tub Showroom left a great review about their new Hot Spring Grandee hot tub. He said,

“I had our Grandee delivered Christmas Eve….What amazes me is the quality. When the delivery guys had it on its side on the cart, I noticed that the entire inside of the spa is hard, sprayed in insulation and wrapped with 1/2 “ plywood (very solid)….

The controls are state of the art, very easy to use. Bigger is better when you have 5 in your family….

…We love it. I can’t say enough about the quality. Being an engineer that’s paramount in my decision making. Have not had any problems with the ACE system. Water makes your skin so soft. No chlorine smell….

…Finally having a reliable / reputable “bricks n mortar” place to go makes the whole process worthwhile.”

Check out the full review, as well as ALL the review of the Grandee on the Hot Spring Website.

Hot Spring Grandee Review

Thanks for the great review! Interested in learning more about the Grandee? Learn more about the Hot Spring Grandee Online

Our Top Blog Posts in 2012

As we near the end of January, we wanted to do a quick recap of what YOU were reading in 2012 on Hot Tubs 101.

Here are our top hot tub blog posts from 2012:

hot tub foamingHow to Stop Hot Tub Foaming

Ever notice you’re sitting in your hot tub and it’s starting to resemble a bubble bath? While kids LOVE hot tub foaming, most people over the age of 10 do not!

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clean a hot tubHow to Drain a Hot Tub

Your hot tub (most likely) has a built-in drainage feature! This post will cover the brands we carry in our Hot Tub Showrooms, so consult your owner’s manual if you don’t have one of the mentioned hot tub models.

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hot tub filterHow often should I change my hot tub filter?

The life expectancy of a  hot tub filter depends on the type of water care system you are using, how well you care for the filter(s), as well as the type of filter(s) you have. If you do not have a Hot SpringCaldera or Sundance spa, it’s best to refer to your owner’s manual for proper filter care, but our “General Filter Maintenance” sheet below should have some good tips for you!

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silk balanceWhat is Silk Balance

Silk Balance is a hot tub water care treatment program specially formulated to: be soft and easy on your skin, be very simple to use and more!

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hot tub exercisesSimple Hot Tub Exercises

The Health Benefits of hot tubs are numerous-  the warmth & buoyancy of the water makes it an inviting place to exercise! Here are a few Hot Tub Exercises we like:

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What did you enjoy reading on our Hot Tub Blog in 2012?

Most Popular Hot Tub Models of 2012

This is the time of year when we take a moment to reflect back on 2012. One of the things we like to do is look at our most popular hot tub models from the year. We’re excited to share the trends we’ve observed in our hot tub showrooms in the past year starting with The most Popular Hot Tubs of 2012:

Hot Spring Grandee

The Grandee lands on our top list for the 14th year (every year we’ve been in business!) so this is no big surprise!

The Grandee is one of the most popular hot tub models in the country because of it’s size (it’s 8’4″ x 7’7”  and 38” high), Open-seating configuration (It seats 7 people in the roomy layout) and available options like Wireless Entertainment and the Hot Spring Spa exclusive Ace Salt Water Sanitizing System.

The Grandee has an impressive 4.75 out or 5 star rating from Hot Spring Spa owners: Check out the Grandee Reviews

hot spring grandee

Hot Spot Rhythm

The Hot Spot Rhythm is on fire! This model had a BIG jump in popularity over 2011.

The Rhythm is another open-seating hot tub sized at 7’x7′ and seats 6 adults. The inside lights up beautifully with 10 LED multi-colored points of light, and the rhythm has a “foot pod” in the center with FOUR precision jets for a soothing foot massage.

hot spot rhythm

Hot Spring Limelight Pulse

Once again open-seating configuration rules with the Limelight Pulse (I’m starting to feel bad for our hot tubs with a lounge seat!) At 7’5″ x 7’5″ and 38″ height this 6-seater spa lights up the evening sky beautifully with the Hot Spring Limelight exclusive Raio lighting system!

Plus the Limelight Pulse has options like a factory-installed MP3 system and the exclusive ACE Salt Water Sanitizing System

hot spring limelight pulse

Want to learn more about any of the popular hot tub models of 2012? Request a Quote from one of our showrooms.

Request a Quote >>


We ran a list of our most popular colors combinations from 2012 and the winner was: Pearl Interior with Espresso Exterior:

hot tub colors

How a hot tub can help you keep your New Year Resolutions

If you’re like most of America, you probably made health-related new year resolutions for the new year. Studies show that 92% of people don’t keep their resolutions while 80% fail as early as January 20th!

Here are a few ways a hot tub or sauna can help you keep your New Year Resolutions to be a better & healthier YOU this year:

new year resolutions: hot tub and stressDecrease your Stress

Studies show that just 15 minutes of hot tub soaking a day can significantly decrease your stress levels. In those 15 minutes you can encourage blood circulation, release healing endorphins, give your joints stress & pain relief and even over time, reduce your blood sugar levels.

Try soaking for 15 minutes in the morning & see if your need for caffeine through the day diminishes. And if you soak for 15 minutes before bed, the National Sleep Foundation says you have a better chance of a deeper, more fulfilling and healing sleep!

new year resolutions: hot tub and blood pressureLower your Blood Pressure

According to the American Heart Association, the heat generated in a hot tub causes blood vessels to open (a process called vasodilation), lowering blood pressure.  If you have high blood pressure, be sure to clear hot tub use with your Doctor and most doctors suggest limiting soaking time to 15 minutes or less at a water temperature no hotter than 104 degrees.

sauna and weight lossWeight Loss

A 30 minute infrared sauna session can burn 200-600 calories! As the body works to cool itself while using an infrared sauna, there is a substantial increase in heart rate, cardiac output and metabolic rate.

A hot tub is a great environment to perform hot tub exercises because of the warmth and body’s buoyancy while in the water. Check out some Simple Hot Tub Exercises you could try!

hot tub health benefits

Because of a hot tub or sauna, you can be already ahead of the game for your health and wellness resolutions this year!

Download this great Hot Tub INFOGRAPHIC about all the benefits of hot-tubbing and keep it somewhere to encourage you in your resolutions!

INFOGRAPHIC: A complete Guide to Hot Tub Care

Our pals over at Swim University created this great Infographic that covers common hot tub care! Check it out & let us know what you think in the comments!

Note to ACE Salt Water Hot Tub users: Some of this does not apply to you. Be sure to follow the instructions given to you about your specific water care system as it varies slightly from others!

A Guide to Hot Tub Care:

A Complete Guide to Hot Tub Care by Swim University

Protect your Hot Tub in a Storm

As you’re preparing your home for a big storm with a ton of rain, potential flooding and high wind gusts, don’t forget to protect your hot tub, especially the hot tub cover! Follow these simple steps to protect your hot tub during a storm:

  • Remove anything from your patio or deck that could fly and hit the side of your hot tub or puncture the cover, including debris like branches that have already fallen from trees.
  • Make sure all 4 of your cover locks are securely locked into place.
  • After securing the locks, pull up gently on the cover to see if the cover moves at all. If it does, adjust the straps so there isn’t as much give.
  • If your tub is located at the shore or somewhere that gets extreme wind, install a set of additional secure straps for extra security for your cover: Hot Tub Secure Straps

Stay safe & dry!

You could win a trip to San Diego: Share your hot tub story!


Who wants to go to sunny San Diego?

I sure do! Hot Spring Spas has a great contest right now and the grand prize is a trip to San Diego for 4 including a tour of their hot tub factory!

3 Runners up will get an iPad 2 with a waterproof case for working/playing while you soak!

Contest Details

I'm a Hot TubberFrom October 15th, 2012 – November 14th, 2012,  head on over to Hot Spring’s website and share a story or memory about YOUR Hot Spring Spa. Your entry will be judged by other Hot Spring hot tubbers & the winners will be chosen for the trip & iPads!

After you share your story, you’ll get an e-mail with a special link inviting you to LIKE Hot Spring on Facebook. When you do, you’ll automatically win a “I’m a Hot Tubber” Beach towel!

Who can enter?

If you have a Hot Spring, Limelight, Hot Spot, Tiger River or Solana hot tub, YOU can enter to win a trip for 4 to San Diego!

Enter to winGet started! Share your Hot Tub Story today!

Hidden Hot Tub in a Man Cave

We came across this very creative DIYer who built a hot tub in a man cave!

Scroll through the images to check out the results: