BaquaSpa 101: Troubleshooting

Over the years we’ve collected the most common problems BaquaSpa users have had.  See if any of these problems sound familiar and take a look at our “fixes” Throat irritation or coughing: This is most likely caused by an overdose of sanitizer (step #3).  Remember that you TEST for step #3 weekly but only add it […]

BaquaSpa 101: Helpful Tips part 2

Continuing in our conversation of helpful BaquaSpa tips… (don’t worry if you feel like you’re experiencing deja vu- we’ve discussed a few of these before. But we think they’re really important!) Make sure to put chemicals in your spa weekly regardless of whether you’ve used it or not. This will help to maintain clarity and […]

BaquaSpa 101: Getting Started

Now THIS is the blog you’ve been waiting for! We’ve carried the BaquaSpa brand since 1998 and more than 1/2 of our customers use the product (if you’re using chlorine/oxidizer or silver ion, you’re welcomed to listen, but this conversation is not for you!) Here are the BaquaSpa benefits: -No harsh chemical order-It’s chlorine & […]