Hot Tub Spotted: Hiding a crook!

Or rather a man was spotted IN a hot tub! We read a story about how last Tuesday in Wenatchee, Washington, police spotted a man with an outstanding warrant for his arrest. The crook ran from the police, jumped a few fences & when the police finally apprehending him, they found him hiding in a neighbor’s […]

Hot Tubs and Earthquakes

The “Devastation” from the earthquake After this week’s surprise earthquake on the East Coast, I got thinking about hot tubs & how they hold up in natural disasters. So I hit my favorite place for quandaries such as these: Google. It turns out after a natural disaster, the hot tub isn’t the first thing that […]

All in the Family: The Sines

Last week we mentioned that when we say Spring Dance Hot Tubs is a “family-owned” business we mean we have a lot of family members working here. We introduced you to the Bailey’s last week– this week we’re going to introduce you to the Sine Family: (from L to R) Lydia, Rebekah, Dan, Abby, Rachael) […]

Animals in Hot Tubs

We got thinking the other day about all the pictures we’ve seen over the years of animals in hot tubs. It just took a quick google search to find some of our favorites: Bears love hot tubs too! I really hope this one is photoshopped, but it looks so real: WHAT is that thing!? It’s […]

All in the Family: The Baileys

We’re not a big company- and that’s okay with us! That allows us to have a relaxed environment (I counted- we’ve celebrated 4 birthdays in the last 3 weeks. That’s a lot of left over ice cream cake in our freezer!) and make changes a lot quicker than if we were a big company. One […]

Celebrating 13 years of hot tub fun!

We’re celebrating our 13th Anniversary this month! In August of 1998, Dan Sine started Spring Dance with 1 truck, a dog who rode in the back (anyone remember Champ!?) and 1 part time employee. 13 years later we have 3 showrooms and over 8500 customers with our hot tubs in their backyards (but sadly, no […]