Hidden Hot Tub in a Man Cave

We came across this very creative DIYer who built a hot tub in a man cave!

Gracie the dog relaxing in a Hot Spring Jetsetter

Here is Gracie the dog enjoying her Hot Spring Jetsetter! Her owner Coleen told us: [Gracie] loves to float around in the tub! She never touches the water though and falls asleep pretty much right away so even she relaxes in it! Hot Tubs… relaxation for even member of the family… even the furry ones! Check […]

We love our Spring Dance Hot Tubs’ customers!

Every spring in all three showrooms, we hold our Customer Appreciation Night. Featuring discounts on most every hot tub product you could ever need (yes, including covers!), we celebrate our customers with food, wine, fun, prizes, music & more!   In 2012 during Customer Appreciation Night we gave away 3 Kindle Fires, 3 Hot Tub […]

All in the Family: The Sines

Last week we mentioned that when we say Spring Dance Hot Tubs is a “family-owned” business we mean we have a lot of family members working here. We introduced you to the Bailey’s last week– this week we’re going to introduce you to the Sine Family: (from L to R) Lydia, Rebekah, Dan, Abby, Rachael) […]

Animals in Hot Tubs

We got thinking the other day about all the pictures we’ve seen over the years of animals in hot tubs. It just took a quick google search to find some of our favorites: Bears love hot tubs too! I really hope this one is photoshopped, but it looks so real: WHAT is that thing!? It’s […]

All in the Family: The Baileys

We’re not a big company- and that’s okay with us! That allows us to have a relaxed environment (I counted- we’ve celebrated 4 birthdays in the last 3 weeks. That’s a lot of left over ice cream cake in our freezer!) and make changes a lot quicker than if we were a big company. One […]

Celebrating 13 years of hot tub fun!

We’re celebrating our 13th Anniversary this month! In August of 1998, Dan Sine started Spring Dance with 1 truck, a dog who rode in the back (anyone remember Champ!?) and 1 part time employee. 13 years later we have 3 showrooms and over 8500 customers with our hot tubs in their backyards (but sadly, no […]

Spanish Lesson for your Cinco De Mayo

Happy Cinco De Mayo! Have you ever thought “I wonder how to say “Hot Tub” IN Spanish?” I bet you have*! Today you’re going to learn. Well, kinda. I asked a friend who has MANY Hispanic Co-workers the appropriate translation and she asked around & then shared that: Tub= Tina Caliente= Hot However, “Caliente Tina” […]

Design a Hot Tub Ad Winner Announced

Every year we take part in The “Design an Ad” Program that the local Bucks County newspaper The Intelligencer runs with area schools! Local school kids design an ad for our company, we pick a winner and then that ad runs in a special section in the newspaper! Looking through the 30+ entries is always a […]

Happy Thanksgiving

From our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving! We hope you have a wonderful day! (Yep- those are Turkeys in a “hot tub!”)