Hot Tubbing in a Winter Wonderland

With the East Coast about to be pounded with snow, we got to thinking about HOW MUCH FUN it is to be in a hot tub when it’s snowy out! Proof: (brrr!) Read some tips on Hot-tubbing in the snow! Don’t shovel the snow off your cover! Most likely you’ll damage the cover. Try to brush […]

Get the BEST hot tub cover

Not all hot tub covers are made the same! In fact, many of them are made badly! When looking for a new cover there are a lot of things to consider, but start with these questions: Is the cover tapered, allowing for water to run off it instead of sitting on top? What kind of vinyl […]

Wintertime Hottubbing Tips

Over the life of our HotTubs101 blog, we’ve written many posts offering tips and suggestions for hot-tubbing in the wintertime! We’ve compiled the tips here so you don’t have to go searching high and low all over the site! Should I winterize my hot tub and “Close up shop” for the cold season!? Read “To […]

What to do if your hot tub stops heating

PANIC! No.. just kidding. You don’t need to panic. In the rare case that your Hot Spring, Caldera or Sundance spa DOES stop heating, know you’re in good hands. First of all those 3 brands have the BEST warranties in the industry, and even if your hot tub is out of warranty, our service department […]

DID YOU KNOW: Cover straps

Did you know that the most common complaint we hear from our customers about hot tub covers is that one or more of the straps & buckles from the 4 hot tub corners have broken? 9 times out of 10, this is preventable! Usually where we see broken straps & buckles is at the BACK […]

Cover tips for the Winter

We feel a little silly writing this entry today when it’s 63 degrees in the Philadelphia region, but we thought we’d share some great cover tips to help lengthen the life of your cover and save energy during the cold months! Make sure you check your cover straps and locks to be sure they are […]

Hot Tub Cover Check Up

Do you think it might be time for a new cover?  Use our Hot Tub Cover Check up Check list to view some common symptoms for older covers and see if any of these sound familiar: The vinyl is Dry, Brittle, Dirty, Torn or Cracked. The cover hinge is tornmore than 6″. The coverstraps and […]

Winter-Time Hot Tub Tips

We asked the great people in our service department to come up with some things that hot tub owner’s should be on the look-out for during the chilly winter months. Here is what they said: Winter weather, for the majority of  hot tub owners, is the most enjoyable time of year to use a hot […]

Purge your Spa

We all know that after awhile, the sinks and drains in our house get backed up with gunk that needs to be flushed out!  That’s when we run to the store and grab our Drain-O. Did you realize the same thing can happen with your hot tub pipes? It is a good idea to flush […]

Preparing for the Cold

Tips to Prepare your hot tub for the Cold weather:   Make sure your spa is working! This might sound obvious, but if you’ve had your spa empty or unused since the hot summer, you’ll want to fill it up and make sure everything is working! You wouldn’t want to have accidental freeze damage from a malfunctioning […]