How to protect your Hot Tub from freezing

If you lose heat to your hot tub in the cold winter months, don’t panic! For a Fully-Foamed hot tub to start to freeze the temperature needs to be below 28 degrees F for at least 36 Hours straight. Even if it does get that cold if your hot tub & pumps are still operating, […]

Protect Your Hot Tub with a Vanishing Act Calcium Remover Bag

To soften your water and protect your hot tub by virtually removing all the calcium from your hot tub water, we recommend the Vanishing Act Calcium Bag. For ACT Salt Water Users If you’re on the ACE Salt Water Sanitizing System you must use a Vanishing Act bag every time you refill your hot tub. The […]

Preventing Hot Tub Cover Damage

This is NOT funny! I was reminded today of hot tubs while stopped under a tree, sitting in traffic at a light on my way in to work, when an acorn, or maybe it was the guy next to me throwing an apple core or hey- it could have been a meteor falling from the […]

Hot Tub Cover Check Up

Do you think it might be time for a new cover?  Use our Hot Tub Cover Check up Check list to view some common symptoms for older covers and see if any of these sound familiar: The vinyl is Dry, Brittle, Dirty, Torn or Cracked. The cover hinge is tornmore than 6″. The coverstraps and […]

Winter-Time Hot Tub Tips

We asked the great people in our service department to come up with some things that hot tub owner’s should be on the look-out for during the chilly winter months. Here is what they said: Winter weather, for the majority of  hot tub owners, is the most enjoyable time of year to use a hot […]

Purge your Spa

We all know that after awhile, the sinks and drains in our house get backed up with gunk that needs to be flushed out!  That’s when we run to the store and grab our Drain-O. Did you realize the same thing can happen with your hot tub pipes? It is a good idea to flush […]

Preparing for the Cold

Tips to Prepare your hot tub for the Cold weather:   Make sure your spa is working! This might sound obvious, but if you’ve had your spa empty or unused since the hot summer, you’ll want to fill it up and make sure everything is working! You wouldn’t want to have accidental freeze damage from a malfunctioning […]

To Winterize or Not To Winterize

To winterize or not winterize…is a GREAT question! Whether or not to close your hot tub for the winter and have it “winterized” is really up to you. What we recommend: We recommend that you leave your tub running during the winter unless you will be away for an extended period of time and no […]

Protecting your cover in windstorms

With the anticipation of Hurricane Hannah hitting land in the next 24 hours, we are expecting tons of rain, potential flooding and high wind gusts! Every time there is a storm, we usually have a few phone calls in the days following from customers who’s covers or cover lifters have been damaged by the wind. And, […]