How often should I change my hot tub filter?

Learn how to properly care for the hot tub filter in your spa with our handy instruction sheets!

Hot Tub Cover Check Up

Do you think it might be time for a new cover?  Use our Hot Tub Cover Check up Check list to view some common symptoms for older covers and see if any of these sound familiar: The vinyl is Dry, Brittle, Dirty, Torn or Cracked. The cover hinge is tornmore than 6″. The coverstraps and […]

Fall Hot Tub Cleaning Checklist

We don’t have to tell you that fall is JUST around the corner. Our brisk nights yet sun-shiney days are evidence of that! What you may not know is that the fall is the perfect time to clean your hot tub! Follow this simple check-list to get your hot tub in prime condition for the […]

Problems with cloudy water? Drain your spa!

A lot of different factors can contribute to water clarity. We will be sharing some tips we’ve learned over the years with you over the next few articles. We’re confident that following a few simple steps will ensure you have sparkling clear water all the time! First, let’s start with the basics: When is the last […]

Problem with Cloudy Water? Time to clean your filters!

A few posts back we started discussing water clarity and some of the basic factors that contribute to it. If you missed the first article, click here to read about how often you should drain your water. When is the last time you cleaned your filters? Now this question doesn’t apply to all hot tub […]