Hot Tubs and Insomnia: Will a hot tub help me sleep?

Let’s talk about Hot Tubs and Insomnia

As far back as the late 1800s, Doctors have been recommending Hydrotherapy (such as found in our hot tubs) as a drug-free treatment for insomnia. The American Clinical and Climatological Association mentions a paper citing Dr. Irwin H. Hance’s 1899 lecture explaining the benefits of hydrotherapy because drugs are unreliable when the treatment of insomnia is concerned. Even in the 1880s, Washington DC’s St. Elizabeth Hospital would use wraps, showers and baths for treating insomnia in their patients.

hot tubs and insomnia

What’s the big deal about insomnia?

Glad you asked! Insomnia is a disorder that plagues many of us at different stages in life and can occur in the following ways:

  • General Sleep Disorders Sleep disorders are common & cause fatigue, sleeplessness, problems of insomnia, emotional imbalance, decrease  in productivity and a harmful effect on general health.
  • Long Term Insomnia and Short Term Insomnia –Long term insomnia can be caused by depression or stress. Short term insomnia can occur after sudden stressful in life like loss of job, illness, noise, emotional problems, death in the family, failure etc. Sometimes, genetics can also have an important part to play in controlling the sleeping and waking schedule of a person. Age is another factor because it is noted that people who have crossed the age of 65 suffer from various sleep related disorders all over the world. Sleep disorders and insomnia can be caused by certain drugs and medications, or by working late at night.

Even though medicine alone has not been completely effective in curing insomnia, medicine and hydrotherapy can combat the problem together!

Why does Hydrotherapy help Insomnia?

In hydrotherapy, water’s thermal and mechanical effects are used to treat the problem of insomnia. This method works because the human body reacts to hot and cold stimuli from the hydrotherapy plus water pressure and application of heat for an extended duration.

Generally, hot soaking, cold soaking, swimming, water massage and cleansing are involved in hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy helps not just with insomnia but with various other ailments as well, like muscle cramps, arthritis, muscle tension and knots.

The major causes of insomnia like stress, bad circulation and pain are targeted by hydrotherapy because hot water baths and sauna help to relieve pain and relax the body. They also improve overall circulation.

Certain types of hydrotherapy work by stimulating the endorphins that are responsible for controlling tension, pain and aches. Lack of pain leads to better sleep! For dealing with insomnia generated from stress,  sauna, underwater baths, mineral soaks, herbs, mud and Epsom salt and partial hot tub immersions are extremely helpful. These tried and tested methods have proven results in treating the most severe of insomnia!

Hydrotherapy is a treatment supported by scientific proof for treatment of insomnia. If you’re sleepless, why prolong your misery? Have one of the experts at Spring Dance Hot Tubs help you choose a hot tub so you start feeling better today!

How are you Sleeping? Have you tried Hydrotherapy for insomnia?


Get Fit for the Summer in Your Hot Tub

You may not think of a hot tub as a place to get fit & in-shape, but there are a ton of hydro-therapeutic exercises you can do to get in shape for this summer’s bathing suit season!

The website PoolLife recently shared some hot tub exercises that will help you get in shape, no matter the size of your hot tub!  Here is a recap of the benefits of exercising in your spa:

1. Relax muscles and increase flexibility

To help decrease muscle tightness and increase flexibility, perform standing calf raises, neck circles and shoulder shrugs for 10 seconds. Repeat each exercise three times.

2. Increase weight loss

Exercising in warm water lessens the impact on your body and relaxes the muscles around the joints.

Try modified standing jumps, seated squats, and step-ups using the spa seat to increase heart rate and burn more calories.

3. Alleviate arthritis pain

Individuals with arthritis move more easily in water than on land.

Start with a simple stretching routine, and then try balancing on one leg, side bends and the standing arm swim

4. Improve muscle tone and decrease cellulite

When you exercise in a hot tub, your body temperature rises, which causes blood vessels to dilate and promotes better circulation.

To burn more calories and improve muscle tone, try standing calf raises, marching in place and push-ups on the ledge of the spa.

Always consult your Doctor before starting any exercise program! Check out the full article on for more great health benefits of hot-tubbing!

Aquatic Fitness Systems

We are so excited to introduce our new product line:

Exercising in water is a GREAT way to get (or stay) in shape without the aches and pains of a “normal” workout.  When your body weight is supported by water, your chances of injury decrease significantly.
Some of the MANY health benefits include:
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Arthritis Relief
  • Diabetes control
  • Sleep Enhancement
  • Weight Management
  • Back Pain relief
  • Prenatal health
and so much more!
Isn’t an AFS just a small pool? No! While it might look like a pool, the AFS is a hydrotherapuetic work-out center! You have the room to do full exercises (even swim!) like in a pool with the benefits of soaking in warm water!
What makes AFS different from the other brands out there? AFS is set-apart by it’s:
  • Ultra-Versatile Exercises
  • Brillliant Water clarify (provided by two cutting-edge technologies in pure, clean water)
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