Hydrotherapy: The True Benefits of Exercising in Water

Do you know all the health benefits of Hydrotherapy?

Hot Tubs and Insomnia: Will a hot tub help me sleep?

Hydroptherapy is a proven method to help you sleep. We’re talking about Hot Tubs and Insomnia today!

Get Fit for the Summer in Your Hot Tub

You may not think of a hot tub as a place to get fit & in-shape, but there are a ton of hydro-therapeutic exercises you can do to get in shape for this summer’s bathing suit season! The website PoolLife recently shared some hot tub exercises that will help you get in shape, no matter the size of your […]

Aquatic Fitness Systems

We are so excited to introduce our new product line: Exercising in water is a GREAT way to get (or stay) in shape without the aches and pains of a “normal” workout.  When your body weight is supported by water, your chances of injury decrease significantly. Some of the MANY health benefits include: Cardiovascular Health […]