How to Clean your ACE Salt Water System Cell

It is recommended that you clean your ACE Salt Water System Cell every 3 months for maximum performance. Check out our “How-To” video below or follow these easy instructions: Remove the cell from your main filter. Fill the specially-provided cell cleaning bottle with water & insert 3 TBSP of pH decreaser. Insert the cell into […]

What’s so great about Saltwater Hot Tubs?

We love Saltwater Hot Tubs around here! Here are a few reasons why: Our tubs look, feel and smell great. The Ace Salt Water Sanitizing System leaves your spa water sparkling clean and silky soft. Our Ace system creates 5 powerful cleaners so it is easier to care for your hot tub and saves you time. […]

ACE Salt Water Sanitizing System Troubleshooting: Flashing Ready Light

If you have a flashing “ready light” on your Hot Spring Highlife or Limelight Collection hot tub and you’re using the ACE Salt water Sanitizing System, your spa is telling you to check the salt level or use level! Follow these easy steps to keep your hot tub working perfectly so you can get back […]