Hot Tub Care Instructions

Do you ever feel confused by your Hot Tub Care instructions? There are water care instructions in your hot tub owner’s manual, under your hot tub filter lid and in packets from the hot tub store where you purchased. And often times each instructional sheet is slightly different. Based on best practices from selling and […]

What’s so great about Saltwater Hot Tubs?

We love Saltwater Hot Tubs around here! Here are a few reasons why: Our tubs look, feel and smell great. The Ace Salt Water Sanitizing System leaves your spa water sparkling clean and silky soft. Our Ace system creates 5 powerful cleaners so it is easier to care for your hot tub and saves you time. […]

Protect Your Hot Tub with a Vanishing Act Calcium Remover Bag

To soften your water and protect your hot tub by virtually removing all the calcium from your hot tub water, we recommend the Vanishing Act Calcium Bag. For ACT Salt Water Users If you’re on the ACE Salt Water Sanitizing System you must use a Vanishing Act bag every time you refill your hot tub. The […]

ACE Salt Water Sanitizing System Troubleshooting: Flashing Ready Light

If you have a flashing “ready light” on your Hot Spring Highlife or Limelight Collection hot tub and you’re using the ACE Salt water Sanitizing System, your spa is telling you to check the salt level or use level! Follow these easy steps to keep your hot tub working perfectly so you can get back […]

Spa of the Month: The Limelight Pulse

Since we’re talking about Hot-tubbing in the cold this month, it’s a perfect time to feature our favorite hot tub to use once the weather turns frigid: Our Spa of the Month- The Limelight Pulse! Okay you caught us, we think every hot tub is great to use in the cold, but here are some great […]

Trade in your Hot Tub Sale

Do you have an older hot tub that maybe doesn’t work, or is really lacking in the “bells & whistles” department? While some things like Wireless TV & music entertainment options for new hot tubs are just purely there for fun & enjoyment, other features like ACE Salt Water Sanitizing system really have revolutionized the way people care […]

ACE Monthly Tip: How-To-Video!

Do you have the ACE Salt Water Sanitizing System installed on your Hot Spring or Limelight hot tub? Or have you been thinking about trading-in your spa & upgrading to this new, simple water care system? We recently made a video (starring Spring Dance Hot Tubs of Jamison employee, William!) explaining, step-by-step, the ACE salt […]