Spas of the Month – The Limelight Series Hot Tubs

This month we couldn’t pick just one- it’s our SPAS of the month: The Hot Spring Limelight Series!

Introducing the 2018 Hot Spring Limelight Hot Tubs!

Introducing the All-New Redesigned Hot Spring Limelight Collection Hot Tubs!

Spring Dance Hot Tubs is an Award-Winning Hot Tub Dealer for 2015!

We’re thrilled to have won TWO hot tub awards for our work in 2015!

The Best Hot Tub Manufacturers: Why it matters

If you’ve been researching hot tubs you’ve no doubt come across many different hot tub brands during your research. You’ve probably stopped into a few local hot tub dealerships and asked your hot-tubber friends for recommendations. But don’t stop there! Make sure you investigate the Best Hot Tub Manufacturer’s Reputation: What type of Manufacturer are they? The hot […]

Spring Dance Hot Tubs Receives Retail Excellence Award from Hot Spring® Spas

In January at the 2013 Hot Spring Dealer Kick-off meeting in Washington, DC we learned we were the recipients of two awards! We won the 2012 Retail Excellence Award for Superior Consistency and the ACE Salt Water award for excellence in sales. Mike Dunn, the Executive Vice President of Hot Spring Spas said of Spring Dance, “Dan Sine and […]

Calling all Hot Tubbers: Keep Calm and Hot Tub on!

A little message for you Hot Tubbers out there: Remember when the stress of the day is getting to you, taking just 15-20 minutes in your hot tub will help melt the stress away! So when life feels like it’s too much: Keep Calm and Hot Tub On!  Are you a Hot Tubber? Do you […]

The benefits of a Hot Spring Spa

Learn about the benefits of our Hot Spring Spas from energy efficiency, our jets & Salt Water hot tub capability!

Celebrate Earth Day with our Earth Smart Hot Tubs

On this Earth Day, we’re proud to be able to offer the most environmentally friendly hot tubs from Hot Spring Spas and Caldera Spas! Here are some of our favorite features of our hot tubs minimizing the environmental footprint: The Hot Spring Highlife™ collection offers 100% No-Bypass filtration (the water is filtered 100% of the […]

We’re hot tub award-winners!

We’re happy to announce that we recently learned we were awarded the Territory Dealer of the Year Award from Watkins Manufacturing Corporation, the maker of Hot Spring Portable Spas & Caldera Spas! We are proud to recognize Spring Dance Hot Tubs for their exceptional performance.  As spa industry professionals, they arecommitted to providing the highest […]

Why do I have so many hot tub filters?

A customer recently asked me why there were so many hot tub filters in her Hot Spring Grandee hot tub (The Grandee has 5 filters), and I thought it was a good question. So I asked one of our sales reps who is an expert on the Hot Spring Spa filtration. He told me: Hot Spring Spas have […]